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    Q. When and where is EuroPython 2023 taking place?

    A. EuroPython 2023 will be held on 17-23 July 2023. Put the dates in your diary!

    • Please refer to our Accessibility Guide to which rooms are in use in each location along with its accessibility information.

    • The in-person conference (17-21 July) will be held at The Prague Congress Centre, the PCC in Prague, Czech Republic.

    • For the virtual conference, detailed instructions will be on discord.

    • Sprint Weekend(22-23 July) will take place in Rajska Building (RB), Žižkov Campus, VŠE (Prague University of Economics and Business). The sprints will be free of charge and open to the public. If you are only attending the sprints, separate registration will be required and registration information will be made available later here.

    If you have any questions, you are welcome to reach out to the team at

    Q. What will the schedule look like?

    A. The conference will be organised in three phases:

    1. Monday & Tuesday (17.07 & 18.07): workshops and tutorials
    2. Wednesday - Friday (19.07 - 21.07): main conference days
    3. Saturday & Sunday (22.07 & 23.07): sprints (hackathon), location and details TBC.

    Q. What will the programme look like?

    A. The conference will feature around 20 hands-on tutorials & workshops, 120 talks and other interactive sessions. We aim to have a very diverse programme, covering the many different aspects of where and how Python solves problems or engages in interesting things.

    To get an idea of what to expect, have a look at the EP2022's programme.

    To select talks, we ran a Call for Proposals (CFP). Talks are then curated based on the input from the community voting.

    We are always keen to hear new ideas on how to enrich the programme and other activities you are interested in participating during the conference. Share your thoughts with the programme team at

    Q. When do you accept talk proposals?

    A. The Call for Proposals (CFP) was run between 6-26 March 2023. We are thrilled to have received more than 500 proposals on a wide range of topics. This record-breaking number of proposals reflected the great width of interests of our community. We are also proud to have provided support to first-time speakers via our Speaker Mentorship Programme.

    Q. How do you review and select talks?

    A. After Call for Proposals (CFP) finishes, submissions go through two rounds of review and refinement as we put together our programme. You can find the details about our selection process here

    Q. What support do you give to speakers?

    A. Accepted speakers are eligible for a free Conference Ticket; accepted workshop & tutorial organisers are eligible for a free Combined Ticket (see details of the ticket types). In addition, speakers are encouraged to apply for additional Financial Aid, should there be a need.

    We give support to first-time speakers and actively encourage, accommodate and welcome the participation of those from under-represented groups in tech. Check out our Speaker Mentorship Programme for details.

    Email us at to tell us what other speaker support you might need!

    Q. When do ticket sales start and what are the ticket prices like?

    A. Ticket sales are on sale now!

    We have put a lot of work in keeping the ticket prices affordable. Check out our tickets page for details. We also offer volume discount for in-person business tickets.

    We encourage and trust you to pick a fair ticket tier that fits your personal circumstance. The money you spend will be put straight back to the community to support our diversity initiatives, Financial Aid Programme and other grants offered to the European Python community.

    Q. Can I attend EuroPython remotely?

    A. Yes, remote tickets are on sale from 9th June 2023 onward. It is now possible to purchase a conference ticket (personal/ business) to participate in the conference from anywhere on the planet.

    Please check out our Tickets page for more details.

    Q. What access does a remote ticket give me?

    A. We strive make remote participation as interactive as possible! During the Conference Days (Wednesday-Friday), not only can you watch the live talks, keynotes & panels in all 6 tracks, engage in live text-based Q&A, and interact with speakers and other in-person attendees in chat channels.

    Q. What is the difference between a remote ticket and livestream-only ticket

    A. As per our tradition, we provide open and free access to the livestreams of our conference talks (19-21 July). You are not required to register a ticket, but you are welcome to if you would like an email reminder or receive up-to-date information about the conference.

    The free livestream-only ticket does not include support and you will be unable to interact with the speakers or other in-person audience. Consider getting a remote ticket instead.

    Q. Do you provide childcare?

    A: Free Childcare is available at the conference for those who need it. Susie's Babysitting will be providing the childcare services for us at the PCC venue. The services are suitable for babies, toddlers and young teens. The childcare professionals will be preparing different activities based for different age groups.

    Please make sure to register a ticket for yourself and select how many children will require childcare at checkout. If you are bringing your child who is interested in catching some of the conference talks, you can still register a childcare ticket if you need someone to look after them some of the time. Otherwise, the children need to be accompanied by you at all time during the conference; they do not need to register a separate ticket.

    We encourage you to keep in touch with us regarding the specifics of your childcare needs and we aim to provide the maximum flexibility for you. For any childcare related questions and clarifications, reach out to us at

    Unfortunately, we might not be able to provide childcare for the sprint weekend.

    Q. When can sponsors start signing up?

    A: We are open for sponsorship signup now. You can find all the details of the 2023 sponsorship packages and options on our sponsorship page, as well as the demographics of previous years.

    Sponsors who sign up by 31 March will receive a 10% discount as our launch sponsors.

    We are committed to making EuroPython sponsorship accessible to most organisations keen to help the community. If you are interested in supporting EuroPython 2023, get in touch with our sponsors team at

    COVID Related Questions

    Please bear in mind that the information in this section can change at any time and without warning. We will aim to provide updates whenever there is a change.

    Q: Will there be any COVID safety precautions at the venue?

    A: We will follow the guidelines of the government of the Czech Republic and there will be appropriate safety precautions at the venue. As of 09 April 2022, special measures related to COVID have been lifted and entry into the Czech Republic is no longer subject to any special epidemiological conditions.

    We expect attendees to be mindful of health and considerate to others during the event. This includes having up-to-date vaccinations, and observing all reasonable precautions to protect yourself and those around us. Although you are not legally required to wear a mask, we strongly recommend and encourage that you do, whenever possible.