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EuroPython 2023 Sprints

EuroPython 2023 Sprints will be during the weekend 22-23 July. This year, we are hosting the sprint weekend at a different venue and it will be free for anyone to join!

As per our tradition, the conference organisers will provide the rooms and facilities but the sprints are organised by YOU. It is a great chance to contribute to open-source projects large and small, learn from each other, geek out and have fun. 🐍

When: 22-23 July 2023

Where: Rajska Building (RB), Žižkov Campus, VŠE (Prague University of Economics and Business)

Who can attend:

What is a “Sprint” ?

“Sprints”, or “hackathons”, are a form of impromptu coding meetups where anyone interested in a project can come together for a short period of time to make quick progress, share knowledge and ideas, and solve problems together. The two-day sprint is the perfect way to end the full-week EuroPython conference, giving you a hands-on experience to solidify what you have learned and bond over the love for coding, making and problem solving.

Organising a Sprint

Sprint rooms: we will have 11 rooms in total for the sprints, all of which are on the 1st floor of the Rajska Building (RB) of VŠE. Check out the room layout for details. The rooms 103-107 and 111-116 each have the capacity for 24 and look like this (img). Room 109 has capacity for 48 and looks like this (img).

Note: As each room might have the capacity to host multiple sprints, it is recommended that sprint organisers prioritise proposing their sprints in already designated rooms that have sufficient space to accommodate the expected number of participants.

If you are planning to run a sprint at EuroPython 2023, please add it at the bottom of this page creating a pull request to our website:

  1. Make sure your sprint is about an open source project.
  2. Copy the template at the bottom of the sprint list.
  3. Fill the template with your details.
  4. Make sure that you link to a public repository of the project.
  5. Add your sprint at the end of the list.
  6. Update the room occupancy in the list above. (If this is your first time organising a sprint, be mindful of how many people you can accommodate.)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Once accepted and published, remember to announce it on the social channels too and tag us @EuroPython (twitter, LinkedIn and mastodon)!

2023 Sprints listings

Strawberry GraphQL 🍓




BeeWare (Briefcase, Toga and more)

Please add your sprint here!

CPython Core (work on Python 3.13!)