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About Pyvo

“Pivo” means “beer” in Czech, and Pyvo is a meetup for fans of the Python programming language and related technologies. These meetups are held in several cities across the country. The meetups are quite informal, and they're held in pubs usually with talks and mingling.

About the Event

Prague Pyvo is traditionally held on the third Wednesday of each month. The July edition will take place during EuroPython! Join us for our July Pyvo meetup in Prague, where we'll be hosting a delightful grill & chill session. We invite you to connect with the Czech local Python community in Prague, enjoy the perfect summer vibes of Prague and exchange knowledge and ideas!

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Event @ EuroPython

  • When: 19 July 2023, start: 7 PM
  • Where: pub Hospůdka na Hradbách, 10 minutes on foot from Prague Congress Centre
  • Price: free of charge