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GraphQL as an umbrella for microservices

south hall 2a
30 minutes


Systems built with microservices tend to become complex over time. There are several approaches that encapsulate complex distributed system layouts with an API Gateway, or backends for frontends. Having a GraphQL gateway is one of the available options. This method of delivering client-facing APIs has become the standard with modern single-page applications.

TalkSoftware Engineering & Architecture


During this talk you will:

  • Discover the basics of GraphQL as the communication layer and it's core differences from REST approach
  • See the real life example of how my team used Ariadne - an open-source python GraphQL server, to abstract the complexity of a large-scale, microservice-oriented system
  • Learn about some common mistakes, caveats, and outtakes from taking such an approach
  • Discover how deploying GraphQL as an API gateway speeds up the development process, makes the engineering team more productive and allows both, front-end and back-end engineers to shape the APIs together

The speaker

Artur Smęt

Artur Smęt

I'm a Python developer from Poland, working currently with Mirumee Software. In my daily work I focus on web APIs development, using modern frameworks like FastAPI, I'm an enthusiast of clean architecture and solving complex problems in a simple, elegant way.

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