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How Python can help victims of violence

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60 minutes


There are two values that everyone agrees with: Judicial Truth (criminals should be prosecuted, but innocent people left free), and Privacy (others shouldn't know unnecessarily about my private life).

But these two values are constantly put in opposition, e.g. videosurveillance helps gather evidence of crime, but it endangers our legitimate rights as citizens.

That's why we launched the WitnessAngel initiative, a research effort to invent new concepts and technologies able to reconcile Judicial Truth and Privacy.

With algorithms like Flightbox, with ideas like VideoTestimony and Familiar, and with the open-source code we provide, we work with associations and enterprises to eventually put life-changing solutions into the hands of the general public. So that countless victims of rape, abuse, bullying, stop facing the usual brick wall: "it's your word against theirs".

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This poster will summarize the concepts, technological blocks, frequently asked questions, and challenges still to be tackled by the WitnessAngel project.

It will provide an overview of our roadmaps, and of how people can contribute to this effort, so that one day #metoo and other global scandals become a thing of the past.

The speaker

Pascal Chambon

Pascal Chambon

Pascal Chambon, Freelance developer in France

My big project at the moment: the Witness Angel initiative

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