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OCR, Information through images

30 minutes


The acquisition and processing of images to find information is a field of multiple possibilities since the world has a lot of visual information that applied to different areas can demonstrate its great potential

TalkPyData: Deep Learning, NLP, CV


The area of recognition of patterns and text in various images will be seen, the processing that requires capturing, decoding and analyzing to finally obtain text from images or digital files. From these premises, we will see the use of the OpenCV library and its complementation with Tesseract, (together with Python) since both allow us to easily obtain visual data, to later generate textual information that is very useful for complex functions. within the automotive industry, autonomous driving, activity recording, signaling and sensors, robotics among many other fields of application. The recovery of text from images is a fundamental pillar for the execution of multiple categories of data processing, which demonstrates its great importance as a base factor for a wide variety of applications. The use of Python libraries allows us to contrast the ease and handling of graphic information, its complementation will allow us to understand a little better the application fields that the study of images and artificial vision have.

The speaker

Alison Orellana Rios

Alison Orellana Rios

Computer Engineer, Master in Design and Multimedia Production, specialized in Data Science with Python, Organizer of the PyLadies Cochabamba Community, Instructor of Programming and Computing at Cisco Networking Academy, enthusiastic about learning and teaching in various areas.