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Practical tools for documentation at scale

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180 minutes


In a hands-on workshop I'll introduce some of the tools and methods I have developed to improve documentation consistently and effectively, at scale - by a thousand people or more, working on a hundred or so software products and other projects.

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At Canonical, I lead documentation practice - the way we, as an organisation, do documentation. That means establishing a shared understanding of standards, and how to reach them.

To help do this I have developed a number of tools and methods to help all of us understand our progress and achieve it faster.

In this hands-on workshop I will introduce some of them, and help you start to adapt them to your own needs.

I hope that this workshop will be of value to anyone working in an engineering organisation where documentation discipline and success seems harder to obtain than it should be.

The speaker

Daniele Procida

Daniele Procida

I am a Director of Engineering at Canonical, where I lead documentation practice. I enjoy helping organise community conferences for Python and Django, and helping people and open-source projects improve their documentation.

I am the author of the Diátaxis documentation framework, and unless I commit a noteworthy crime I expect that is what I will be best known for.

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