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Python 3.11 What’s new?

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45 minutes


The topic aims to introduce participants to the latest from Python in version 3.11, released in early October 2022, which includes:

• Speed improvements; • Standard Libraries Improvements; • Self type; • Exception Notes; • Better Error Messages; • Improved Type Variables; • Variadic generics; • Marking individual TypedDict items as required or potentially missing; • Arbitrary literal string type; • Data class transforms; • TOML read-only support in stdlib; • Exception Groups; • Negative Zero Formatting.

TalkPython Internals & Ecosystem


My presentation aims to consider the most interesting new features of Python 3.11 which have been discussed among the software engineers since the official release of the new version of the language. Then real practical examples will be taken into account and implemented for real solutions of problems.

The speaker

Dilyan Grigorov

Dilyan Grigorov

Dido is passion for programming was awakened at an early age, when he began to self-teach himself the C++ language after being impressed by a book about it in 2000.

In 2007, he touched Python for a very first time and has since then become his favorite language. In 2022, he goes through the entire programme of SoftUni - Python Web Developer with high success. He follows everything around the language with great interest and loves to experiment and participate in creating CLI applications as well as Django applications. His areas of interest also include: Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures & Algorithms, as well as all kinds of automation.

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