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Python, Visual Studio Code, Copilot - Revolutionizing the way you do data science

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30 minutes


Come join this session to check out how Visual Studio Code along with GitHub, Codespaces, and Copilot can significantly improve the data science workflow and take your productivity to the next level. In this talk we will walk through several common Python data science scenarios, showcasing all the productive tooling VS Code has to offer along the way. As a sneak peek, we will be demoing a best-in-class Jupyter Notebooks experience with VS Code Notebooks, a revolutionary new data cleaning / preparation experience with Data Wrangler in VS Code, Copilot that helps you write code and fix issues faster, and more!

TalkPyData: Software Packages & Jupyter

The speaker

Steve Dower

Steve Dower

Steve is an engineer who tells people about Python and then gives them excuses to use it and great tools to use it with. He is a core developer and Windows expert for CPython, and works at Microsoft making sure Python developers are well supported across Windows, Azure, and other Microsoft platforms.

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