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Quantify Self

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30 minutes


Want to learn something new about yourself? This talk will showcase some approaches to get the best from behavioral tracking as well as silent wearables tracking. Where and how to get data with my experience regarding the quality (expectation management), what to do with the raw data (IDA + some knowledge needed), how to convert insights into actions.

TalkCareer, Life, Health


This talk present my summed up experience in self-tracking of many years. I will show what can be detected using modern wearable devices (rings, watches, EEG helms, etc.), what should you be searching in your data (if searching for specific answer at all), what interesting findings can present themselves and what you can do about them to make your life better. My personal questions as a use-case would be:

  • Focus and Productivity
  • Nutrition (general health concerns like energy levels, resilience)
  • Happiness (mood, stress)
  • Overall health (energy levels, sleep, stress)

The speaker

Alisa Dammer

Alisa Dammer

I'm crazy about data and technology. Through years of experience in industry I have settled in MLE role where I can touch on all aspects of IT

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