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The coding conventions that makes our lives easier

30 minutes


Discover how coding conventions can enhance code quality, readability, maintainability, and reduce errors. Join us as we discuss the creation and implementation of coding conventions, and how to use linters for maintenance.

TalkSoftware Engineering & Architecture


Engineers review code as often as we write it. We use a lot of tools to improve this process, such as linters and autoformatters.

One tool I find very useful and take with me from team to team is the coding conventions. It is a collection of references that can be referenced in code-review comments, whilst also serving as a valuable reference guide for team members.

This talk will explore several of the most important conventions from open source conventions repo, offering an in-depth exploration of how they improve the quality of the codebase and serve as a tool for knowledge transfer among engineering teams.

The structure of the talk will follow:

  • What are coding conventions and why do we use them?

  • How to establish your own coding conventions?

  • Examples of some of the most useful coding conventions and how they enhance code quality.

  • How to uphold your coding conventions with the help of linters?

Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the concept coding conventions and how to implement them within their own team.

The speaker

Çağıl Uluşahin Sönmez

Cagil is a software engineer based in London. She has been working with Python and Django since 2008.

Currently she is working as a Lead Backend Engineer at Octopus Energy engineering team.

She is vice president in Django Software Foundation, co-organiser of London Django Meetup, Pycon Turkey, DjangoGirls Turkey, and a proud member of PSF.