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Time Made Easy: Simplify Date and Time Handling with Python's Pendulum

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30 minutes


Pendulum is a Python package for working with dates, times, and timezones. It offers a simple and intuitive API for common date/time operations and provides advanced functionality for dealing with more complex scenarios. Some of the interesting points of Pendulum include support for leap years, time zones, and daylight saving time, as well as a fluent API for creating and modifying dates and times.

One of the standout features of Pendulum is its support for time zones. The library comes with a comprehensive list of time zones, and it can automatically adjust dates and times to the local time zone of a given location. Additionally, Pendulum can handle time zone conversions with ease, making it easy to work with date/time data across different time zones.

Pendulum also provides a powerful API for creating and modifying dates and times. With its fluent interface, developers can create and manipulate dates and times using a natural, human-readable syntax.

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Pendulum is a Python library designed to simplify the handling of dates, times, and time zones. It offers an easy-to-use API that allows developers to perform common date/time operations with ease, while also providing advanced functionality for more complex scenarios. With its support for time zones, leap years, and daylight saving time, Pendulum is a comprehensive solution for managing date/time data in Python. Its fluent interface and intuitive syntax make it easy to create and manipulate dates and times in a natural way, while its robust documentation and helpful community make it easy to get started with the library. Whether you're building a simple date calculator or a complex scheduling application, Pendulum can help you work with time-related data more efficiently and effectively.

The speakers

Abhinand C

Abhinand C

I'm a software developer who loves to experiment with tech, spend time learning new technologies and build products fueling my desire to innovate for a better future.

I currently work as a Product Engineer at Strollby Team in UST, developing and scaling python based GraphQL micro-service. Apart from work, I'm engaged in a voluntary project with Kerala Police Cyberdome, pursue hobby projects and contribute in open-source community.

I had opportunities to work alongside great teams in start-up eco-system, give tech talks, take workshops to exciting peers and participate in various hackathons, even winning quite a few.

I have graduated with Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) focused in Computer Science & Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Kannur. I'm a versatile developer having handled multiple hats requiring diverse skills including Full Stack Development, Graphic Design, and Video Post-Production, and led divergent teams.

Jothir Adithyan

Jothir Adithyan


I am Jothir Adithyan a 22 year old self taught Python developer from Kerala.

I have been enthusiastic about computers and networking ever since I first got my hand on computer and discovered the internal working of it. I have been an active member of the Kerala and Indian python community often attending talks and contributing to them, also writing code in my leisure time.

I am currently a product engineer at Strollby. I work in company with a tight knit group of brilliant engineers helping them solve a variety of hurdles in implementing a ginormous codebase.

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