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Ultimative session about hidden gems of Django Admin.

south hall 2a
30 minutes


The Django Admin Panel is a complex and bad-documented tool in the Django that can greatly speed up development if you start to understand it. “Isn’t it easier for us to write our Backend?” I will answer: “No, it’s not easier!”. 8 years of insights and discoveries in my Talk. Here i want talk about multiple admin sites, ModelAdmins possibilities, object state versioning and app configs as completely forgotten hidden power.

TalkPython Libraries


The following questions should be in this Talk:

  1. Review of ideas Django.contrib.admin module.
  2. Django admin panel as it could be.
  3. Django admin sites multiplication.
  4. How to remove the legacy of older versions of Django im admin panel
  5. Undocumented Django.contrib.admin features.
  6. Using Django Admin Panel for third-party Backend implementations.

I have presented many talks about Django Contrib Admin on PyCon RU, PyCon DE, Django Con EU, Django Con US. Here should be ultimative session about important parts and Vulnerabilities of this Library. This talk for advanced and experienced developers.

The speaker

Maxim Danilov

Maxim Danilov

Python/Django Speaker and Coach. Senior software developer. Since 1997 in software development, 8 years with Python. Programming languages stack: RISC Assembly Language, C, Pascal, Fortran, ASP, VB/VBA, PHP, HTML/CSS, VueJS/NuxtJS, Python.

I Live in Austria in Tirol. I am also Alpine Ski and x-cross-country Instructor.

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