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Would Rust make you a better Pythonista?

south hall 2b
45 minutes


What would a Pythonista gain from becoming a Rustacean other than semicolons and brackets?

In this talk I'll share the learnings and achievements I got by adding the Rust programming language into my Python life. Illustrating a real story now in production at scale, I'll walk you through all the pains and joys of this unexpected journey which changed me more than I anticipated.

Proposed agenda:

  • Project introduction
  • Motivations of selecting this project to learn Rust
  • Tales of a Pythonista learning Rust
  • Results, numbers and production graphs
  • How Rust influences my daily Python
  • Was it worth it? Should you do it too?
TalkSoftware Engineering & Architecture

The speaker

Alexys Jacob

Alexys Jacob

CTO at Numberly. Open-source contributor, Gentoo Linux developer and PSF contributing member. I enjoy sharing my experience on architecture design, distributed systems, fault tolerance and scaling Python... and Rust!

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