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Writing a Python interpreter from scratch, in half an hour.

pycharm (forum hall)
45 minutes


You use the Python interpreter every single day. It does a lot of things for you: checks that your code has valid syntax and is properly indented, imports modules from various locations, and runs your code instruction-by-instruction.

But if you've ever wondered how exactly it happens, this talk will teach you the entire process, by building a working python interpreter from scratch.

TalkPython Internals & Ecosystem


The plan is to write a really simple, but working Python interpreter that can run Python code, from scratch.

The topics we'll be going through to build this interpreter:

  • Lexing an indentation based language
    • Why Indent and Dedent need to be tokens
  • Writing a Recursive Descent parser
    • Parsing literals: ints, strings, lists, dictionaries
    • Parsing expressions
    • Parsing function calls - print("Hello world!")
  • Semantic analysis: removing invalid code
  • A tree-walk interpreter
    • Interpreting print() statements
    • Running import statements
    • File I/O: implementing open() calls
  • Running json.loads() and json.dumps() from scratch

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