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Abhinand C

Abhinand C


I'm a software developer who loves to experiment with tech, spend time learning new technologies and build products fueling my desire to innovate for a better future.

I currently work as a Product Engineer at Strollby Team in UST, developing and scaling python based GraphQL micro-service. Apart from work, I'm engaged in a voluntary project with Kerala Police Cyberdome, pursue hobby projects and contribute in open-source community.

I had opportunities to work alongside great teams in start-up eco-system, give tech talks, take workshops to exciting peers and participate in various hackathons, even winning quite a few.

I have graduated with Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) focused in Computer Science & Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Kannur. I'm a versatile developer having handled multiple hats requiring diverse skills including Full Stack Development, Graphic Design, and Video Post-Production, and led divergent teams.

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