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Ester Beltrami

Ester Beltrami


👋🏻 I'm Ester, a London-based web developer passionate about clean code, workplace culture, promoting inclusivity, and GraphQL. I work at Torchbox, where we develop and maintain the open-source content management system Wagtail. My focus is on building accessible and user-friendly websites and contributing to Wagtail.

I'm involved in organising PyCon Italia, where I contribute to the website and help plan the conference. I'm also a core developer of Strawberry GraphQL, which has given me the opportunity to explore my interest in GraphQL even further.

In my free time, I attend conferences and meet-ups to learn about new trends and connect with people who share similar interests. I enjoy exchanging ideas on various topics, such as clean code, new technologies, and creating a more inclusive workspace.

You can find me on:

Check out my website - I'll be adding my talks there soon (hopefully, when I find some time) 😄

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