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Kuldeep Pisda

Kuldeep Pisda


As someone passionate about technology, I have had the privilege of speaking at several international tech conferences, including APIDays India 2022, APISecure 2022, and DjangoCon US 2022. I was honored to have my proposal selected for DjangoCon US 2022, where I could share my insights with a global audience.

While I am grateful for my recognition, I know there is always more to learn and new perspectives to consider. Therefore, I approach each speaking opportunity as a chance to continue my learning and growth, as well as a chance to share my insights with others.

As a speaker, I aim to provide attendees with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and actionable insights. I strive to make my presentations engaging, educational, and thought-provoking, and I am always eager to hear feedback and incorporate new ideas.

I understand that I don't know everything, and I am humbled by the opportunity to learn from others. Being involved in the tech community is an ongoing journey, and I am eager to continue learning and growing however I can.

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