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Mykalin Jones

Mykalin Jones


Hi! My name is MJ, I am the founder of AstroTutors / an instructor with over a decade of experience. I am passionate about teaching python, maths, physics, problem-solving strategies, and English. My personal interests lie in pedagogy, particularly that of programming, maths, and language. I, myself, am a student of French, and Irish. I am curious about how language impacts how we learn new skills and think about complex problems. I completed my B.S. in Physics and continued with a Master's in Nuclear Science and Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. In 2019, I moved to France, where I completed another master's in Particle Astrophysics. It was during my education that I discovered my love of python and programming. The majority of my work was in computational physics. Since graduating, I have become a full-time educator. I have taught over 100 students python in private and group settings. I've created my own curriculum for teaching python to children which I am constantly updating in attempts to figure out how to teach python in an optimal way that is engaging and impactful. Right now, I'm working on translating it into French!

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