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Thank YOU

The journey to Prague encompassed a full year of exploration, diligent effort, and unwavering dedication. Our exceptional team made it together with warmth, compassion, humour and creativity! A heartfelt appreciation extends to all those who took part in crafting EuroPython 2023 Prague & Remote.

EuroPython 2023 was organised entirely by a devoted group of volunteers, a tradition upheld since 2002. Without further ado, let us meet the fantastic humans who dedicated numerous hours and boundless affection into shaping EuroPython 2023!

EuroPython Society Board

The annually elected EuroPython Society (EPS) Board manages the day-to-day operations of the EPS, the legal entity behind the EuroPython conference series. The EPS 2023 Board were responsible for most of the fiscal, legal and venue related work for the EuroPython 2023 conference, including venue & supplier selections and contract negotiations.

  • Alexander Hendorf
  • Anders Hammarquist (Treasurer)
  • Artur Czepiel
  • Nicolás Demarchi (Vice-Chair)
  • Patrick Arminio
  • Raquel Dou (Chair)
  • Silvia Uberti
  • Vaibhav (VB) Srivastav
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee

Code of Conduct Committee

These humans are responsible for receiving & handling Code of Conduct reports and help the EuroPython community remain a safe and friendly place:

  • Naomi Ceder
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee
  • Cheuk Ting Ho
  • Sebastiaan Zeeff
  • Silvia Uberti
  • Anders Hammarquist


As you peruse the (hopefully lucid but always witty) content on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media, it was created by one of the wordsmiths/meme crafters from our Communications team:

  • Sangarshanan
  • Vaibhav Srivastav (VB)
  • Diego Russo
  • Nicholas Tollervey
  • Raquel Dou


Conference Designers

Our logo, website assets, t-shirts, banners, badges, lanyards, and general aesthetics of EuroPython 2023 were created by our designers

Design Team

And the rest of the assets, stickers and social cards were scrambled together with love by our Design team.

  • Patrick Arminio (our front-end wizard)
  • Raquel Dou

Financial Aid team

If you are one of the 210 people who participated in EuroPython 2023 in Prague or remotely, you have surely exchanged many emails with some of our Financial Aid team members. From spreadsheet wizardry, to responding to countless emails and processing all the receipts, here are our kind and organised humans behind the Finaid team:

  • Sebastiaan Zeff
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee
  • Cheuk Ting Ho
  • Mannie Young
  • Manoj Pandey

Programme Team

The folks managing Call for Proposals (CFP), community voting and the entire programme selection & scheduling are:

  • Artur Czepiel
  • Vaibhav (VB) Srivastav
  • Cyril Bitterich
  • Rodrigo Girão Serrão
  • Diego Russo
  • Nicholas Tollervey
  • Cristián Maureira-Fredes
  • Raquel Dou

Speaker Mentorship Programme

  • Theofanis Petkos
  • Diego Russo

Community Voting Participants & Programme Reviewers

A big thank you to over 300 individuals who took part in our community voting, significantly influencing the direction of our program.

Alongside our fantastic community, the talk selection process was supported by our wonderful reviewers:

  • Alisa Dammer
  • Artur Czepiel
  • Alexander Hess
  • Agata Migalska
  • Cyril Bitterich
  • Christian Ledermann
  • Cristián Maureira-Fredes
  • Cosima Meyer
  • Deborah Leem
  • David Seddon
  • David Vaz
  • Ernesto Arbitrio
  • Jiawei Wang
  • Lisa Carpenter
  • Nabanita Roy
  • Nicholas Tollervey
  • Pratibha Jagnere
  • Raghav Dave
  • Radomir Dopieralski
  • Richard Kellner
  • Roberto Polli
  • Siddharth Gupta
  • Shagun Sodhani
  • Sebastian Witowski
  • Sebastiaan Zeeff
  • Tiago Montes
  • Vinícius Gubiani Ferreira
  • Valerio Maggio

Operations Team

From managing recording & streaming, to liaising with our wonderful remote and on-site volunteers, the Operations team have all covered. If you ever received a reply from our helpdesk, chances are you interacted with someone from this team :)

  • Theofanis Petkos
  • Cyril Bitterich
  • Nicolás Demarchi
  • Dhanshree Arora
  • Shekhar Koirala
  • Artem Kislovskiy
  • Martin Borus
  • Daksh P. Jain
  • Sebastiaan Zeeff
  • Cristián Maureira-Fredes
  • Laís Carvalho

EuroPython 2023 Discord Team

The conference discord community structure and the programme notification bot was created by:

  • Sebastiaan Zeeff

The registration discord bot was developed and deployed by:

  • Artem Kislovskiy
  • Sebastiaan Zeeff
  • Cheuk Ting Ho
  • Cristián Maureira-Fredes
  • Kasisnu Singh
  • Dhanshree Arora
  • Martin Borus
  • Artur Czepiel

You can check out our bot, reuse it and improve it here on our Discord Repo.

Sponsors Team

All the sponsorship contacts, logistics & the exhibits are managed by the small team:

  • Artem Kislovskiy
  • Raquel Dou
  • Silvia Uberti

Special Events Organisers


  • Naomi Ceder
  • Emma Delescolle
  • Leila Verhaegen
  • Lenka Králová

Extra shout-out and special thanks to Lenka Králová for the advice and promotion for the event in the Czech Republic!

Beginners' Day - PyLadies Snake Workshop

  • Petr Viktorin
  • Karolina Surma
  • Mia Bajić

Our heartfelt thanks to the mentors of Snake Workshop:

  • Petra Vidnerová
  • Mirek Brabenec
  • Karla Fejfarová
  • Kuba Urban
  • Monika Bláhová
  • Roman Diba
  • Jakub Červinka
  • Radka Kacová

Humble Data Workshop

  • Laís Carvalho
  • Jodie Burchell
  • Cheuk Ting Ho

And a big shoutout to our Humble Data Workshop mentors:

  • Chiin-Rui Tan
  • Stefan Behnel
  • Alexander Darby
  • Penelope Tollervey
  • Artem Kislovskiy
  • Martin Borus

Women in AI Workshop

  • Nabanita Roy
  • Liliya Akhtyamova
  • Bhawna Singh

And a huge thank you to the Women in AI team for your support through organising the workshop:

  • Dr. Alessandra Sala
  • Begüm Genç McEvoy

WASM Summit

  • Nicholas Tollervey
  • Roman Yurchak

Beginners' Conference Orientation

  • Cheuk Ting Ho
  • Martin Borus

Mentored Sprints

  • Cheuk Ting Ho

AI Game Tournament

  • Neil Vaytet

Social Events Organisers

Thursday Social Event

  • Artem Kislovskiy
  • Sangarshanan
  • Shekhar Koirala
  • Jakub Kanovics

Pyvo Meetup & PyLadies Social

  • Mia Bajić

On-site & Remote Volunteers

As a community conference, the conference wouldn't have been possible and certainly less fun without every single volunteer who chipped in both in Prague and remotely. Big thanks to every one of you!

Onsite Volunteers

Special thanks to Theofanis, Cyril and Dhanshree for their fantastic work in coordinating the efforts of our onsite volunteers:

  • Rudra Desai
  • Timothy Shchetilin
  • George Zisopoulos
  • Saurav Pandey
  • Sebastian Witowski
  • Sena Sahin
  • Martin Rapavý
  • Tanul Christian
  • Pavel Král
  • Valery Calderón Briz
  • Niklas Mertsch
  • Rahul Avaroth Bhaskaran
  • Will Tollervey
  • Zuzana Gajarska
  • Sofia Casadei
  • Kathleen Loftus
  • Moisés Guimarães
  • Piotr Gryko
  • Jessica Paz
  • Konstantin Ignatov
  • Václav Lupač
  • Eric Page
  • Yicheng Zhang
  • Nika
  • Tomáš Patro
  • Anna Dupliak
  • Baptiste Bessonneau
  • Xiaofeng "Steven" Liu
  • Chen Xu
  • Mariia Romaniuk
  • Jaime Avalos
  • Tanya Kamyshanskaya
  • Samuel Pucek
  • Angel Ramboi
  • Alena Osipova
  • Vít Gabrhel
  • Christiana Asare
  • Dmitry Osipov
  • Michael Seifert
  • Laís Carvalho
  • Aleksandr Salynskii
  • Naa Ashiorkor Nortey
  • Jakub Musko
  • Kuntal Majumder
  • Chiin-Rui Tan
  • Roman Pavelka
  • Katia Tsironi
  • Nilesh Jain
  • Laurens Weijs
  • Jan Gondol
  • Martin Christen
  • Alexandra Pietroch
  • Katia Nakamura
  • Çağıl Uluşahin Sönmez
  • Svitlana Tuchyna
  • Chung-Fan Tsai
  • Elisabetta Nova

Remote Volunteers

A big shoutout to Shekhar for his exceptional work in effectively coordinating with remote speakers and in organizing remote volunteers:

  • Soundharya Khanapur
  • Shiva Gaire
  • Daksh P. Jain
  • Kushal Gajurel
  • Luciana Claudia Martins Ferreira Diogenes
  • Henok Ejigu
  • Shiva Bhusal,
  • M. Sadegh Salimi

Want to join us & have fun organising future EuroPython?


Susie's Babysitting

A massive shoutout and deep gratitude to Susie, the owner of our exceptional childcare provider, Susie's babysitting. With sheer creativity and dedication, she turned our conference rooms into vibrant play havens over a dozen children of varying ages and languages. Many thanks helping us make our conference more accessible!

Gonzo - AV Team

Big thanks to our AV team Gonzo Design who have been streaming, recording & editing our talks, and more importantly, experimenting with us since 2017! Here are the folks who helped us with streaming and the smooth hybrid experience:

  • Matteo Vanni
  • Consuelo Cipriani
  • Vincenzo Cicanese
  • Simone Giorgi
  • Claudio Cirri
  • Ambra Lorenzetti
  • Alessandro Arese Visconti
  • Matteo Piccinini
  • Laura Pantaleo

Conference Photographer

The official EuroPython conference and social event photos (to be released) were taken by:

Hazafele - Social Event Band

The social event was made ever so special by the band "Hazafele"

  • Šimon Jakubíček (double bass)
  • David Golas (guitar)
  • Michal Grossmann (violin)
  • Marek Šnorich (accordion)

Special Mentions

We would like to thank the developers and companies behind the tools we use. The conference wouldn't be possible without: