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What is the tournament about?

We have created a video game that is designed to be played by a small python program, rather than a human. Conference attendees can participate in a tournament where they (either alone or in a team) each submit a bot that will play the game, and at the end of the conference, we will have a tournament session where everyone can come and watch our strange creations play against each other (either brilliantly or it may all go wrong!).


The topic of the game is a sci-fi war on a foreign planet, set far in the future. We do not condone war and violence, we just want to make a fun event for EuroPython participants.

How to participate?

  • Register your team: fill in the form at (30 spots available)
  • You will be given a private GH repository in the europython2023gametournament organisation
  • Read the game rules below and start working on your bot
  • Ask questions on the Discord forum ai-game-tournament
  • Creating alliances is authorized (betrayals are also allowed!)
  • Once your bot is ready, make sure you copy it into the main branch of the repo you were given
  • Deadline is 15:00 on Friday July 21st
  • Tournament will be 15:30 - 16:45 on Friday July 21st in the Open Space area


Get started with:

conda create -n <NAME> -c conda-forge python=3.10
conda activate <NAME>

git clone

cd supremacy/
python -m pip install .

cd tests/


  • Mine resources to build an army
  • Destroy enemy bases and eliminate other players


  • All participants play on the map at the same time
  • Each round lasts 8 minutes
  • The tournament will consist of 8 rounds of 8 minutes

Game map

  • The map is auto-generated every round
  • It has periodic boundary conditions (for example when a vehicle arrives at the right edge of the map, it will re-appear at the left edge)
  • The map size will scale with the number of players (more players = larger map)
  • Coordinate system: lower left corner: (x=0, y=0), upper right corner: (x=nx, y=ny)


  • Everyone starts with 1 base, housing 1 mine
  • Every timestep, each mine will extract crystal = 2 * number_of_mines
  • Crystal is used to build mines and vehicles
  • Mines too close to other bases compete for resources: crystal = 2 * number_of_mines / number_of_bases_inside_square_of_80px
  • Bases that contain mines that are competing with others will have a “C” label on them:


  • Whenever two or more vehicles or bases from opposing teams come within 5px from each other, they will fight
  • During each time step, every object hits all the others with its attack force, and it takes damage from all other objects


Can travelOn landOn seaAnywhere
Can turn into base

Additional rules:

  • Mine cost doubles for every new mine on a given base (first mine=1000, second=2000, third=4000, etc…)
  • Base has health = 100, mine has health = 50 (both have 0 attack)
  • Vehicles move at speed * dt (dt = 1/15s)
  • A ship can be turned into a new base, by calling convert_to_base()
  • A conversion to base will only work if there is land in the immediate vicinity
  • A player is eliminated when all his/her bases have been destroyed
  • If a player is eliminated, all his/her vehicles disappear instantly


  • +1 point if you destroy a base
  • If a player gets eliminated, they receive a number of points equal to the number of players that were eliminated before them
  • At the end of the round, every player still alive gets a number of points equal to the number of eliminated players

The control center - the AI

  • To play the game, you will have to create a Python program.
  • It should contain a class named PlayerAI and that class should have a method named run.
  • Every time step, the run method will be called, and it will be inside that function that you should control your vehicles, decide what to build, etc...
  • You are provided with a to give you an example.

Look at the comments in the for details on what information is available to you at every time step and what methods can be called.


  • The game_map is one of the arguments the run function will receive.
  • It is a Numpy array that automatically gets filled when your vehicles or bases visit that region of the map.
  • 1 means land, 0 means sea, -1 means no info.
  • Any visit makes anything in that part of the map permanently visible.
  • This is basically what defines which enemy bases and vehicles you get in your info every time step.

Optimizing development

There are 3 ways you can speed up your development.

1. The high contrast mode

Activate high_contrast = True to see the land borders better and competing areas for mines:

2. Crystal boost

Waiting for things to develop can be time consuming. You can artificially increase mine yield using crystal_boost=5 (or any number you want, although behavior is untested beyond 10).

3. Use the 'Pause' Luke (experimental)

While the game is running, you can hit P on the keyboard. This will pause the game. You can edit your AI code. When the game resumes (hit P again), it will reload your AI module.