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What Is Trans*Code?

Trans*Code is an event:

  • Where you can connect and share ideas with trans and non-binary folks as well as allies and co-conspirators;
  • Where trans/NB people are not just included but centered;
  • Where you can explore that pet idea for a tech project centered around your experiences;
  • Where you can make new contacts and forge new friendships;
  • Where you can breathe.

🌈 A safe space to be with people like ourselves and geek out

Trans*Code is an international hack event series focused on building connections and community while exploring the tech side of transgender issues and opportunities. Trans*Code events are informal hackdays where participants can explore their ideas in collaboration with like-minded people. Coders, designers, activists, visionaries of all sorts, and community members not currently working in technology are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

Trans*Code events are similar to hackathons, but with some key differences:

  • Events are only one day long. So you don’t need to take off an entire weekend;
  • Events are not competitive. At Trans*Code events, we’re all pulling for each other. While we do have final presentations, they are made in the spirit of sharing, not in the spirit of competition;
  • Events encourage following your interests. Want to work on that project? Fine, do it. Want to spend the morning with this one, and the afternoon with that one? The choice is yours. Trans*Code subscribes to the Un-Conference philosophy - whatever happens is exactly what should happen.

What Happens at Trans*Code?

The day kicks off with the people who have projects briefly describing their ideas of what they want to work on. Everyone then has the chance to join the project that they find interesting, and the day’s brainstorming/planning/coding/etc. begins. This continues into the afternoon with breaks for lunch and snacks, until at the end of the afternoon, someone from each project gives an update to the group as a whole. Once the day is done, it’s common for people to go off to find dinner and to continue the conversation.

Trans*Code @ EuroPython

At EuroPython 2022 in Dublin last summer Trans*Code held its joyous return after the pandemic. This year, in collaboration with the trans/NB community in Czechia we will be back to continue building the tradition. The full day workshop/hackday will be open to all trans and non-binary folk, allies, coders, designers and visionaries of all sorts.

  • When: 18 July 2023, from 09:30 - 17:00 (with coffee breaks and lunch in between; see schedule for details.
  • Where: Prague Congress Centre (PCC), Room Club D

Be Part of Trans*Code @ EuroPython

We will inform you of acceptance by email within 7 days of your application.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the wonderful Trans*Code team:

Financial Aid for EuroPython

You do not need a EuroPython conference ticket to attend the Trans*Code event. While we are working on the details for the Trans*Code event, you are very welcome to apply now for Financial Aid if you need help to attend the rest of the conference.

The deadline to apply for Financial Aid is 21 May 2023. If you missed applying for Financial Aid and need assistance to attend the conference, reach out to the Trans*Code organisers and we will try our best to help.

Bring Your Ideas!

Please bring your ideas! Trans*Code is meant to be a place to explore ideas and technology relevant to trans and non-binary people. If you have any idea at all that you've wanted to explore, and app that you've wished existed, we’d love to share it at Trans*Code!

Trans*Code FAQ

Why Should I Feel Safe at Trans*Code?

Trans*Code is organised by trans people, for trans people. We know what feeling unsafe can be like, and we will do whatever we can to ensure your safety.

Our commitment is to make you feel safe and included, and we will call out anything or anyone that puts that in jeopardy.

It follows that if you need specific accommodations or there is anything you are concerned about, please raise it with Naomi Ceder or one of our other organisers and we will do whatever we can to help.

For this Trans*Code event we are partnering with EuroPython who also strive to offer a safe space for all people, including trans folks.

It is probably also worth mentioning that, in addition to the Trans*Code organisers, the EuroPython Code of Conduct committee includes a trans person, Naomi Ceder. Check out our Code of Conduct for details.

Trans*Code is being held at EuroPython. Do I have to know/use Python to attend?

No, not at all! Trans*Code welcomes everyone! You may use Python or any other language you like. And if you don’t know how to code, that’s not a problem! Please come along and share your ideas, skills, and experience on a project.

Is Trans*Code only for trans and non-binary people?

Not at all. It is centred on trans and non-binary people and their issues, something which is all too rare for us, but we’d love to have non-trans people come as well. We welcome the chance to share our experiences and make new friends.

What if I have an idea for a project?

Please feel free to bring any and all ideas! We’d love to have you share whatever you’ve been working on/would like to work on/just think the trans/NB folk of the world need. If you have ideas just forming, that’s great, too. Maybe sharing them with others will help them form more completely and be the basis for some shared work.

What if I don’t have an idea for a project?

No problem! Just come along ready to participate and dive into a project that interests you!

What are some things I should and should not do when interacting with trans/non-binary people?

Like everyone else trans and non-binary people want to have our lives and identities respected.


Try your best to use the pronouns people have indicated on their badges If you make a mistake, apologize sincerely and move on, don’t dwell on it


  • Don’t ask what a person’s “real” name or gender is. We have all gone through a lot to get to where we are, and our name and gender is exactly what we say it is.

  • Don’t go on about how hard it is to remember genders and pronouns. When I’m walking my dog and meet someone new, they usually have no problem remembering her gender after being told once. Trans folk just want the same level of courtesy.

  • Don’t be too worried about making mistakes or too over the top about apologizing if you do slip up - that just ends up making things creepy for everyone. Instead, apologize sincerely and do your best to do better.

Why do you need to have a special event for trans folk? Isn’t the conference itself safe and welcoming for them?

EuroPython has made an outstanding commitment to make the entire conference safe and welcoming for everyone, including trans and non-binary folk. However, the world outside of the conference has been a tough place for trans and non-binary people, and our partnership with the conference is intended to give them a place to come together and not only be safe, but be centred in an event. From there we hope that many Trans*Code participants will also attend the main conference.

I’m an experienced coder and want to be an ally - should I come to Trans*Code?

Yes! We encourage people to come to Trans*Code and both share their knowledge and get to know people from different backgrounds. If you are an experienced coder, we encourage you to join a project and provide expertise and mentorship.