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CLI application development made easier with typer

south hall 2a
30 minutes


Do you feel like digging through github code to learn how to use it is painful? Also think simply packaging and publishing your library to the world on pypi sometimes isn't enough to help others use what you are working on? Then come join me, as this talks is definitely for you!

In this presentation, I'd like to present you typer, and why it's probably the easiest and most affordable way to create command line applications (in 2023) that your users will love to use. We'll discuss it's key strong points, how to structure your CLI application, and make it ready to be packaged and published with no hussle.

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The speaker

Vinícius Gubiani Ferreira

Vinícius Gubiani Ferreira

Love to code, to read other people's code, and to help others achieve what they want with code. Be it directly or by guiding them to find out for themselves.

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