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Food For Rabbits: Celery From Zero to Hero

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180 minutes


In a world, full of Micro-Services, distributing tasks is a constant challenge, and there's only one tool that can rule them all.

In this workshop, we'll introduce Celery - a tool for distributing tasks in an easy, fast, and flexible manner, and take you from zero to hero!

  • We're going to understand why we need a distributed task system, and why to choose Celery.
  • We'll write our first Celery task.
  • Understand how to configure and run Celery.
  • Familiarize ourselves with Celery's fundamental concepts.
  • Dive into celery customizable options.
  • Finally, we'll see a real-life example of how we used Celery in our production system and how we customized it to fit our needs, and discuss how you can do the same.
TutorialTBD - Multiple Tracks



  • Setup [5 min]
  • What is Celery? When to use it and why. [5 min]
  • Let's write our first Celery Task. [5 min + 10 min Exercise]
  • Getting statuses and results. [5 min + 15 min Exercise]
  • The Celery Worker. [5 min]
  • Go configure - the Celery Config. [5 min]
  • Customize it & Retry [10 min + 15 min Exercise]
  • Break - [15min]
  • Celery Workflows and Signature. [10 min + 25 min Exercise]
  • How we use Celery to solve complex problems & Production use-case [10 min]
  • Final Excercise [40 min]
  • Recap [5 min]

link to the workshop materials

The speaker

Roy M Mezan

Roy M Mezan

Roy is an enthusiastic Python programmer, Finished his B.CS at the age of 18. Lead the drone department at the University R&D Lab. Was a Drone development officer at the IDF & Project manager of AR/VR development team. Worked on autonomous drones in the defense industry. Currently working as a senior developer at Ownbackup in the Security group.

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