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Temporal Python – A Durable, Distributed Asyncio Event Loop

north hall
30 minutes


This talk discusses asyncio, an essential tool for asynchronous, non-blocking code in Python, and its limitations, such as non-durability and inability to distribute across multiple machines., an open-source microservice orchestration platform, is introduced as a robust solution capable of using event sourcing for durability, scalability, and resilience, effectively managing system failures. Temporal based asyncio event loop implementation adds seamless durability to Python code. The complete state of the program, including local variables and await calls, is fully preserved across process and other infra failures. We highlight real-world applications and conclude by emphasizing how Temporal transforms the design and implementation of distributed fault-tolerant systems.


The speaker

Maxim Fateev

Maxim Fateev

Maxim has spent the last 20 years building massive distributed systems for Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Uber. Among other things, he led the design and development of the AWS SQS backend, and AWS Simple Workflow Service. At Uber, Maxim led the effort on open source projects Cherami and Cadence Workflow.

Since October of 2019, Maxim has been the CEO/Cofounder of Temporal Technologies. Its flagship open source project is redefining the way large-scale reliable applications are developed and operated.

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