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The Standard Library Tour

south hall 2b
30 minutes


Are you tired of writing complicated code only to discover that Python has tools in its standard library that could have made your life easier? Join us for a tour of the standard library where we'll dive into less-known modules that do well-known things and well-known modules that do less-known things. This talk is tailored to beginners or anyone who wants to learn more about Python's standard library.

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The Standard Library Tour is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of Python's standard library less known features. Have you ever found yourself writing complex code only to discover that Python has tools available within its library that could have made your job easier? Then this talk is for you!

The outline of the talk:

  • Basic information about the library
  • Well-known modules which do less-known things
    • functools less-known features: @singledispatch, partial(), @cache
    • itertools less-known features: product(), filterfalse(), zip_longest()
    • collections less-known features: ChainMap, defaultdict
  • Less-known modules which do well-known things
    • doctest for testing: testmod()
    • Difflib & Filecmp for comparison: Difflib.SequenceMatcher, Filecmp.cmpfiles()
    • contextlib for tasks involving the with statement: @contextmanager, @asynccontextmanager

By attending this session, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Python's standard library and you'll discover the "unknown unknowns" - tools that you may not even know exist within Python's standard library. By becoming familiar with the library and all of its capabilities, you'll be better equipped to solve problems and build applications more efficiently, without reinventing the wheel. You'll also receive recommendations on where to find additional resources and information so you can continue learning and exploring Python's tools after the conference has ended.

The speaker

Mia Bajić

Mia Bajić

Mia Bajić is a software engineer based in Prague, Czech Republic with over five years of experience in the IT industry. She currently works at Ataccama, a Canadian-Czech company, where she contributes to the development of a business intelligence tool that helps users create engaging data stories and explain complex data phenomena.

Mia actively contributes to the vibrant tech community in Prague. She serves as a co-organizer of Pyvo, a series of monthly meetups dedicated to bringing together Python enthusiasts, developers, and experts. She also co-organizes PyCon CZ.

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